Boost Your Online Marketing With These Simple Tips

Starting an online business is not easy. The first step is to hire a good ecommerce website development company. A good website designing and an interactive web application development will ensure that you have all the tools necessary to start a successful online business. But this is just the start. You have all the elements of success, now you need to put some effort in marketing your website, products and services to millions of users on the internet.

Conventional marketing and internet marketing are different from one another. Most of the time, conventional marketing takes time in yielding results. But internet marketing can immediately give results. Another difference is that usually conventional marketing is targeting the regional customers or clients that you have. But internet marketing has a wider impact and you never know that the next customer on the website is from the other corner of the globe.

In recent times there are many ways which can be used to boost internet marketing campaigns. Like pay-per-click campaigns, social media campaigns, email campaigns and others. All of these are effective ways of boosting internet marketing for websites. But there are some result producing techniques that may seem small, but have a huge impact. Here are five techniques that will boost your internet marketing strategy and will produce results.

Welcome email for subscribers – Although this is a standard procedure that every website welcomes the new subscribers by sending them the age-old email. Frankly 90% of the users delete the email without bothering to read it. This decreases the chances of your email campaign creating results. Instead you can:

1- Inform the users about your services.

2- Inform them about any special offers or exclusive deals.

3- Inform them about any free offers or services they can use.

4- Let them know how they can contact your company.

5- Highlight top products and throw in some testimonials.

6- Market your advertising rates if you offer any add space.

Goodbye email for unsubscribes – Do not let your subscribers go that easily. If someone wishes to unsubscribe from your blog or ecommerce website, you can send them a good bye letter because this is the last chance you have to make them purchase from you. Instead of just saying goodbye, send them a special email encouraging them to stay with you. There must be some data about your customers suggesting which products they liked or have purchased in the past. Select one or more of those products and send it in a goodbye email. Or you can send them the latest offer that they might not have heard yet which will compel them to stay longer with your website.

Email signature – Almost every company encourages their employees to use email signatures in their official emails. This is a free of cost way to market your company to unknown users. Every time your employees send out an email, there is a chance that the receiver will have some curiosity about your company and may look it up.

But there is an effective way of writing an email signature. Do not just put your name and email in the bottom of the email. Write a greeting such as “Regards” or “Thank You” and then write your name and designation in the next lines. After that leave one blank line and write your company’s slogan or tag line along with the website URL. The signature should be 6-8 lines max, because anything longer than that and it will be ignored.

Thank you page – For any ecommerce website development, the programmers and the company should make a thank you page for their subscribers and users. Whenever someone hits subscribe or sign up button, they should be directed to a page where a thank you message greets them.

Take this opportunity to earn some money, you can advertise other websites on this page directing the user to check them out. They can be any kind of businesses. Or you can use this page and incite the user’s interest in your company’s products by showing special offers or top products, testimonials etc.

Use the P.S. strategy – According to a research, people might ignore other messages in a letter or an email, but they always tend to read what is written in P.S.

It can be quite effective as a message like this incites curiosity in the users to see what message is written in the post script.

You can give a link to your webpage or blog in a post script message after the signature. It can be used anywhere and is a great way of advertising. Add some useful information and then direct the users to somewhere where they can get complete information.

These were just a few of the small changes that you can do in your marketing campaign and will give you great results. I was attending a conference where some of the top marketing executives from Pakistan were addressing. During that conference I learned that there are thousands of small changes that a person can do in their marketing campaign that may seem very small and minute, but on the long run they have a huge impact.

Similarly there are many other ways that you can advertise or market your services for free. Like engaging in discussions on online groups and using a signature, ad swaps with other websites etc. The key to any internet marketing campaign is to get more and more subscribers and to keep them with you for longer periods of time. Some of the techniques mentioned above will make your users feel a bit special and when they feel special, they will put out a good word about your company or share your services on their social media accounts. Try one of these techniques with your marketing campaigns and let us know about the results.

Include Joint Ventures in Your Small Business Target Marketing For Dramatic Profit Increases

What is consistently rated as one of the most effective small business target marketing strategies? Without a doubt it is the Joint Venture (JV), also known as a strategic alliance. Target, or niche marketing means that you are marketing directly to the prospect most likely to buy your product or service. Your JV strategy can be the ultimate form of target marketing since you are using the targeted customer and prospect list of another business owner.The JV and strategic alliance are so popular and profitable because they leverage the assets (customer list, goodwill, relationship, etc.) your partner has developed with their client and prospect base. Nearly all potential buyers (business and consumer) prefer to do business with a company, firm or practice for which they have a degree of trust.Marketing legend Dan Kennedy likes to say that we are all walking around holding an umbilical cord saying “plug me in and tell me what to do.” Whether you are looking for a place to buy a hot dog, to buy a yacht, or looking for a brain surgeon or a new church in your community, you are looking for someone to recommend where you should go to obtain the product, service or advice.Don’t confuse the JV with referrals. Referrals are great for new business and are an effective small business target marketing strategy but generally are given only one or two at a time. Referrals can also dry up if you are not diligent about keeping in touch with your clients and letting them know how much you appreciate and value their business.JV’s can be as simple as selecting a retail partner and issuing a joint coupon to one another’s client base. They can also be very complex, multi-million dollar deals between large companies. American Express is an example of a very large and sophisticated company that partners with several other large businesses to leverage the client lists of both firms. If you have one of their cards, you have received numerous calls and mailers from them endorsing their JV partners. The partners get the implied endorsement of a blue chip company like Amex and Amex gets increased card purchases as you use the card to buy the recommended partners products.Now that you’ve decided to add the JV to your small business marketing tools, where do you start? The first thing you must do is to create a demographic profile of your target client. What else do they buy and where do they buy it? For example, Paul Flood Marketing, which is my company, implements a unique and non-traditional marketing system in small businesses and I guarantee profit increases of 25% or more in as little as 90 days. As the old saying goes, “Fish where the fish are,” so I have partnered with other small business consultants, primarily CPA’s and small business attorneys, who have endorsed my services to their clients.If I had tried to contact many of these business owners cold, I would have probably been turned away but the endorsement of my trusted partners established trust. This is the trust you want to leverage with your potential JV partners.Armed with the list of potential partners, you formulate your contact strategy. You could try writing letters but I am a strong believer in just picking up the phone and saying to the owner, “Hi, I am a local business owner and I have an idea that could help us both dramatically increase our sales and profits and I’d like to talk with you about it. Do you have a minute so I can explain the concept?Great, if makes sense for us to talk in more depth, we can arrange a time to get together.” The thing I like about the phone is that I can immediately get a feel about the business and the person in just a couple of minutes.When you first meet, you will most likely need to explain how the Joint Venture small business target marketing strategy works and how it will benefit both of your businesses. Most small business owners are only familiar with traditional marketing or networking so it may take a bit of explaining to get the concept across.The most common objection you will encounter is the trust factor so bring testimonials and samples of your product, service, practice or whatever you are selling to the meeting. You need to show why the other business owner person know they can trust you and your business? People are naturally wary (as they should be) about referring others to their clients because their reputation is on the line, as is yours.Always conduct due diligence. Talk to a couple of their clients and understand their product and commitment to quality service. If you feel uncomfortable at the beginning, bow out of the relationship gracefully. There’s no sense in adding aggravation to your life!The other objection is the confidentiality of av client list, but that is easily overcome by offering to mail your endorsement of your partner to your list and they mail their endorsement of you to their list. What if you don’t have a list? Pay for a mailing to your partner’s list and pay them a commission or finder’s fee for leads you convert to customers. There are some professions that are prevented from paying or receiving finder’s fees so if this applies to you, you need to investigate alternatives.What is the simplest JV strategy? Each partner mails an endorsement of the other’s business to their list with a description of the benefits of doing business with them and why they are recommending one another. It’s that simple. The key to success of the JV as your small business target marketing strategy is that you and your partners must be proactive in promoting one another and in managing the relationship. As the person who originated the partnership, take control and action to make it happen. If you have a partner who isn’t committed, drop them and find another.When you are actively using the JV as a small business marketing tool, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve in a relatively short period of time. Of course, as with any other business strategy, there are experts like myself who can be delivering profits while you are attempting to find your first partner. The key is to make the decision to make it happen, to leverage your contacts and your list and get started!

Why Targeting Your Market Is Essential to Your Business Success

No matter what type of business you have, you must target a specific market. There are folks who want and need your products, and the goal of your marketing efforts is to connect with them. Without a clearly defined market, you’re taking shots in the dark and just hoping that you’ll find people who will buy. You have no real idea if you’re aiming too high, too low, or in the wrong direction entirely.

What Is a Target Market?

A target market is a group of people who have related characteristics and need, and to whom you direct your marketing and product efforts. It’s a specific audience. Markets are defined by demographics such as age, gender, location, economic group, social status, family situation, country and language. A few examples of businesses with target markets would be:

• A shopping network that targets working moms over 30

• A resort that targets retirees

• A store whose target market is young families

• A clothing store that targets teens who see themselves as ‘alternative’

• A winter sporting goods supply store that targets people in cold, northern areas

• A blog that targets well-to-do expatriates

You’ll notice that in the examples above, not all the information is demographic. For example, take teens that see themselves as ‘alternative.’ Other factors in targeted markets include psychographic data, like how your audience sees themselves or see the world around them. This is just as important as demographic information.

Why Laser-Target Your Market?

In marketing, there is no in between. You either hit or miss. If you don’t target your market perfectly, you’ll waste your advertising dollars broadcasting your message to the wrong people. Again, to take an example above, an ad for your resort for retirees would be pretty ineffective if it showed teens snowboarding and loud punk rock music.

Your target-market needs to be specific, because you can’t make everyone happy. If you cast your net too wide, you’ll be speaking to people who have no interest in your products or services. They’ll just tune you out like white noise in the background.

Benefits and Solutions

The key to successful marketing is to identify your market’s pain or problem and offer a solution. If you know exactly who they are, you can communicate your product’s benefits and the results they can expect in a language they understand. Tell your target market of retirees that at your resort, they don’t have to fight the crowds. Tell your alternative teens that they don’t need to fit in with the squares.

One added benefit is that your target market can relate to each other. By identifying them and marketing to them, you can create a ‘tribe’ based around common interests. This is especially powerful online, where people spend a great deal of time on social networking sites, forums, and blogs.

When defining your target market, be careful about making assumptions. Marketing is a science and you need to look for objective data. Research your target market and they’ll tell you what they like, what they think, and what they want from you.